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HGW Admin

I've been working as a network administrator at my school (in addition to being a student) for the past four years. I've written a couple internal tools for automating certain administrative tasks and improving the life of my fellow students but I'm unable to share the source code.

A Simple Go Framework

This website runs a custom framework, written in Go, to allow for flexible delivery of my blog posts. You can find it on GitLab.

Mandelbrot Set in C++

I've written an interactive visualization of the Mandelbrot Set in C++ using OpenCV. It can be found on my old GitHub account. It's some of the worst code I've ever written, but it works.

Solar Power Supply

I am working on a custom power supply for a local solar research institute to make the low voltage-high current output of their solar cells usable for everday tasks such as phone charging.

36. BWInf

My submission for the first round of the 36th federal computer science competition of Germany. It calculates minimal prices for pool entry based on a set of complex (but configurable) rules. It's written in C++ and is some of the better code I've written.
Code and example data
Original task (German, Aufgabe 2, "Schwimmbad")
Documentation (German)